Spring is here and South Florida is a great place to some spend time because of the mostly sunny weather. But with the busy streets and crowded businesses comes some angry driving, and inpatient patrons. Just recently road rage has been reported to be increasing in Miami, Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Although road rage is usually a momentous reaction to the poor driving of another person, it can have sometimes lead to really serious circumstances and criminal consequences if taken further.

Some people engage in road rage and at times the accidents can be considered intentional disregard or one of the person’s commits a criminal act that when reflected on later, they realize it was a mistake they committed by giving into road rage. Recently, a man got out of his car with a gun and beat two other men down because they seemed to cut the man off in traffic. The man was jailed and held without bond for his actions and can be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Many street crimes can start with road rage and as more people crowd the streets of South Florida and grow impatient in traffic, it is recommended that people drive safely. If you have been accused of a crime caused by a road rage incident call a local South Florida attorney and get the facts about your rights and information in your defense.

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