Can Convicted Felons Carry Guns In Florida?

Even if Florida has a “Right to Carry and Bear Arms Law”. That doesn’t mean everyone is allowed to do so. Convicted felons are not allowed to carry or bear arms for the simple fact that they were convicted of a crime and as such they are not allowed to obtain the proper permits to carry a weapon concealed or otherwise. The mentally ill for obvious reasons, are not allowed either.

As in many other states, South Florida has a process to go through in order to obtain a permit to carry or conceal a weapon. Often times we hear about weapon involved domestic violence or fights at a local establishments in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach where someone used a gun. First of all one of the worst mistakes to having a concealed weapon permit is that people take the gun to a public place. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services strictly and most definitely advise against anyone carrying a weapon to any public place or any place where alcohol is more than likely to be consumed. This includes parks, schools, bars, nightclubs and so on.

Recently, two men were lost in the woods in the northern part of the State of Florida. The men were planning to cut a trail from the woods behind their home to a nearby creek. Unfortunately, they got lost and when they did not return home, the family advised the authorities to look for them. One of them was a convicted felon and after he was found safe, he was arrested for carrying a weapon.

The answer to the question above is NO!

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