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The book contains definitions of the 50 most often charged crimes and answers to the 100 most asked criminal law questions. It gives practical and readable definitions of 50 crimes from: arson to witness tampering, plus answers to the 100 questions most often asked of lawyers from those either involved in a criminal investigation or arrested. The book is written by an experienced criminal lawyer with over 30 years experience in courtrooms from New York to Florida and the U.S. Supreme Court, in a clear, understandable language.

Get a copy of the book on Amazon, or come to our office.

Get the information you need. Know your rights. NO TO POLICE ( the app ) is soon to be released as an iPhone/iPad and android application. The app is no-holds-barred easy-to-read and practical. It is the first book ever written in plain English by a lawyer…. ever. (In fact since the beginning of time, before the Big Bang, there were lawyers writing in bad English.)

The app contains one and two sentence answers to the most pressing questions in law:

– Is it a crime to refuse to give information to the police?

Published first in 2008 by BookMasters, my book is the book you need to own, I know because I wrote it for you, not for me or my vanity (?). CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? is 218 pages of pure information on criminal law, prosecutors and police. The book has one paragraph definitions of the fifty most-charged crimes in Florida: from A to Z. Distilled into plain English it is direct, concise and easy to read. The book then goes into a question and answer format. I have assembled the 100 questions I hear from my clients. It starts with the realization that “CAN THE POICE LIE TO ME?” And the answer is YES. Each question is one sentence and each answer is limited to one page. This is a great first step for students, teachers and citizens to know enough about criminal law to get along in this world. If you read the book and have a question just call me. I’ll answer your questions; whether about criminal law in Florida or if you have been arrested and need to know how to defend yourself. Availaable from Amazon or from me in my office (I usually provide copies for my clients to read).

As most of the valued blog readers here know, Attorney Behr has written a book regarding common legal questions entited “Can The Police Lie To Me?” Check out this video I have hand-selected off of Youtube, from a prominent lawyer in Virginia, and the posted video is a police officer who endorses the advice of not talking to police in any situation where you are being investigated or an admission of guilt is being pursued. Enjoy and please check back on this blog or visit Attorney Behr’s main website for more information on this matter that EVERYONE should know about, whether or not you actually are guilty.

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Can The Police Lie To Me?

The short answer is YES, and they want to because they, in a lot of case, have to in order to get a conviction. Sounds unfair because you can’t lie back to them, but you must deal with the legal and court system if you unfortunately get involved in it.

Attorney Behr provides some of the excerpts of answers he has compiled in his published book, but having a physical copy will provide you with the rest of the answers to many commonly asked questions regardling actual law that affects people every day. Don’t fuss with googling an answer only to get some vague definitions or interpretations from someone not experienced only to find out they don’t apply to your situation. Copies are available via book distributers through and other online outlets, as well as through the Law Office in Fort Lauderdale.

If you need to know practical definitions of crimes such as as assualt, burglary, drug possession, drug trafficking (a total of 50 definitions), there is a book for sale on which can help.

South Florida criminal defense attorney Ralph Behr has published an easy-to-read book about criminal law.

No complex terms, just straight understandable explanations of 50 crimes.


Florida criminal defense attorney Ralph Behr was recently featured at North America’s largest book show the Book Expo America, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The book CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? is the first true self-help book for the 13,000,000 Americans who are brought into the criminal justice system as defendants every year. The book is currently available at and other leading book retailers.