SAY NO TO POLICE info-app for iPhone and iPad NO TO POLICE ( the app ) is soon to be released as an iPhone/iPad and android application. The app is no-holds-barred easy-to-read and practical. It is the first book ever written in plain English by a lawyer…. ever. (In fact since the beginning of time, before the Big Bang, there were lawyers writing in bad English.)

The app contains one and two sentence answers to the most pressing questions in law:

– Is it a crime to refuse to give information to the police?
– is a “Mall cop” a real cop?
– Can I get a DUI on a bicycle?
– Should I”blow” if I’m stopped for a DUI ?
– Can the police search my car at a traffic stop?

– What is entrapment?

It’s better than having a South Florida criminal lawyer in your pocket. It’s also easier on your pocket than a lawyer…. it costs $9.99. Buy it for your college age children, buy it for yourself, keep it on your iPhone, don’t give it to your ex (unless you guys are still friendly).

SAY NO TO POLICE will be available on November 21st at the iTunes Store and at the android store.

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