Our Times And Cell Phone Crimes

In Ohio, a mother was accused and jailed for sending a friend a cell phone video, that depicted she was instructing her 2 year old daughter how to smoke a Marijuana cigarette. In case you were wondering? This is a crime. In Florida, the State could add several charges to this type of crime, such as; Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and the list may go on. Why would this personal video be a crime?

First and foremost as far as Marijuana is concerned it is a controlled substance in some States and an illegal one in most. Secondly, the fact that the child is probably not aware that she is committing a crime and is just doing as mommy is instructing shows that the innocence of the child is being corrupted by a person who should know that they are doing something wrong and committing a crime.

Some parents take in stride that a taste of alcohol to a child is no big deal, or that a puff a cigarette is just a way to teach the child why the parent does it. But either way lesson or not, exposing children to drugs, alcohol or any habits that are not meant for a child may land the parent in some serious criminal situations. In some religious groups and cultures some of the practices involving children are customary and sacred. But if you reside in the United States it is best to know which of the customs practiced can be considered a crime.

If you or someone you know has been accused of any criminal circumstance involving a child. Seek the counsel of an attorney immediately. Your criminal attorney can determine if the acts fall into the actual letter of the law pertaining to what acts were practiced.

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