Tickets Can Become Criminal Offenses

You may have heard the news that many stoplights throughout South Florida, including Palm Springs, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables, and Broward County have cameras attached to them that are in place to monitor red light runners, now processing automated tickets for individuals who ran red lights. However, many of these tickets have been dismissed in court, especially in West Palm Beach and Palm Springs. One woman presented her passport to prove she was out of the country when she was supposedly caught on camera running a red light in West Palm Beach. Another woman brought a note from her pastor to prove that she was part of a funeral procession when she went through the light. One man pointed out that the video clearly showed his car was in the intersection when the signal changed from yellow to red, proof that he did not run the light. It is still legal to make a right turn on red, cautiously after a complete stop, unless there is a sign that specifically prohibits this action.

These and many other automated tickets, are being dismissed, with the help of South Florida attorneys. A few individuals won by using the videos to their advantage or by presenting evidence that they couldn’t have been behind the wheel, but most hired South Florida attorneys who found technical arguments. Unfortunately, for some these tickets go un-noticed and the consequences are more than some people expect. These un attended tickets get processed by the court after some time, notice is sent to the address on the vehicle plate, and soon after the person fails to appear, a warrant can be ordered for the arrest of the person and/or the persons license can be suspended without their knowledge. A situation like this one causes the clerk to enter a “Traffic Criminal” case that can create a real problem for any licensed person and hinder their livelihood as well.

For example, one South Florida attorney successfully argued that the process of these automated tickets and the methods of execution, may be un constitutional and is quite burdensome and unfair. If you find yourself unfairly receiving one of these tickets or need assistance disputing a citation, or a failure to appear has been ordered against you, please contact your South Florida attorney. We can help you, call us today at 954-761-3444. Consultation is FREE!

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