Identity Theft on the Rise

When the economy goes ‘south’, some crimes go through the roof! Identity theft, always a major problem, is again making headlines and on YOUR dime! (dollar??).
The Attorney General of Florida has posted an identify theft protection kit, which I highly recommend. Press on identify therft and it will take you to the webpage.
Credit card fraud, bank fraud, falsification of credit information….all is increasing in frequency, and your South Florida criminal lawyer sees it every day! To protect yourself from identify theft follow some basic sensible precautions. First; keep your (article continues on page two)

credit card identifiers (name, address, and card numbers) safe from others. Second: learn how to get online and view your credit card accounts. DO NOT wait for the paper bill to arrive in your mail: check it online several times during the month. If you have given your credit card to pay repeat bills (newspaper, electric, phone, etc) ask your credit card company if they can issue you a different number for each limited use…they can! Also, keep one card for online purchases, use it and no other card for online purchases, and call your credit card company every few months and ask for a new credit card number. Your South Florida criminal defense lawyer can also help; call him/her for a consult. Most criminal lawyers in South Florida will spend time on the phone with you to share some ideas and give you some guidance. It’s a good idea to have a criminal lawyer on your phone directory: one you know and trust. Like a good doctor, a good lawyer can make your life safer, easier and more pleasant. Ralph Behr (me!) is available for quick chats and quick advice. Call me and get to know me!

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