Federal Criminal Lawyers: Federal Criminal Trials vs. Florida Criminal Trials

This will get your blood pressure up for sure. If you are arrested you can be tried in a federal court under a federal criminal statute, OR the jurisdiction (State) in which you were arrested. Yep! Double jeopardy? No, the law says its not double jeopardy, but many don’t agree. Being a federal criminal lawyer means specializing in federal criminal trial rules, evidence and procedures. Federal criminal charges come from the federal criminal code (title 18) and differ from (for example) Florida criminal laws and rules. If you are arrested and charged in federal court your first need is pre-trial release: for that you are brought before a federal magistrate. Federal criminal courts have several pre-trial release methods, from standard monetary bonds to corporate surety bonds, personal surety bonds, or stipulated agreements between the United States Attorney and your federal criminal lawyer. Rules of court vary from federal criminal district (Southern District of Florida vs. Middle District of Florida) and from region to region. If you have been arrested in South Florida and are in the preliminary pre-filing stage: are the feds going to “pick up the charges” or the State of Florida?? There are many things your South Florida federal criminal lawyer can do to help you. Call Ralph Behr for a free consultation.

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