What You Need to Know When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Many people ask me how I would go about hiring a criminal lawyer. I found a very helpful and brief article (two paragraphs) which I want you to read [GO TO ARTICLE PRESS HERE]. Now that you’ve read it here’s some additional advice… ( continued on second page)…

Florida has a reputation for tough lawyers because there are so many here and it is a very competitive profession. This is all good for the consumer. Competition for clients weeds out lazy lawyers and motivates better lawyers to be better. What does better mean? More cases, more experience, more trials, better trials, and that builds trial skills and a win or die life cycle for criminal lawyers. Florida federal criminal lawyers also have more cases because of the great number of drug cases, white collar cases and mortgage fraud cases in federal criminal and Florida State courts. I would start your search by assembling a list of board certified criminal trial lawyers, add to the list those with high Martindale-Hubbell peer ratings (A/V) those are not bought, you get an A/V rating from other lawyers and judges who rate criminal trial lawyers in confidential mail-in surveys. Remove the heavy advertised lawyers and the red-hots, and then call a lawyer who doesn’t practice criminal defense and ask him to shorten the list. Then meet them. Talk and listen and go with your instincts, they won’t lead you astray. If you hire a lawyer you trust and who is trustworthy you did well for yourself. Good luck!

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