Bail Bonds: The “How’s” and “What’s” about Bond and Bail in Fort Lauderdale

Anyone arrested in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale or any community in Broward County) is brought before a Magistrate and bail (bond is bail) is set, (or denied) according to the type of crime charged and the persons’ personal situation. The bail or bond sets conditions and/or the money which must be posted for release. Once released from incarceration, you are free to go home. (the article continues….go to page 2)

You MUST, however, return and appear at all court hearings. In Broward County the main courthouse is in downtown Fort Lauderdale. There are some charges that are not bondable (such as some homicide or murder charges, armed drug trafficking, and in Fort Lauderdale, (including Davie, Weston, Pompano Beach, Hollywood and most communities in South Florida within Broward County) if you are arrested for a violation of probation. Most people arrested in Fort Lauderdale are granted bail conditions for release, except for Violations of Probation. If a defendant fails to appear in court then a bench warrant (also called a capias) is issued by the judge. The result of a failure to appear capias usually means the bond or bail money is kept by the State. The Clerk of the Court here in Fort Lauderdale has a website and has posted some useful information about bond and bail in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. The information about bail and bond posted in the website is true for all of Florida from Miami to Palm Beach and all communities in South Florida (such as Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale and all towns and communities in South Florida. (To read the article go the Clerk’s website).

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