Excerpt from Attorney Ralph Behr’s Book. Can a Police Lie to Me? What is a Misdemeanor?


50 ‘most charged’ crimes defined


A misdemeanor is any crime which is punishable by a stay in the county jail of up to 364 days.

You go to jail for violating a misdemeanor statute.

You go to prison for violating a felony statute.

You do not loose your civil rights if you are convicted of a misdemeanor charge. Unless the misdemeanor a crime of dishonesty (such as theft) it does not affect your ability to obtain a license in most professions.

Although you can be placed on probation for misdemeanor, a maximum period of probation can not be greater than one year.

If you violate any conditions of misdemeanor probation the judge can send you to jail for a maximum of one year.

In most states conviction of two misdemeanor theft charges can result in a felony theft charge for any subsequent theft arrest.

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