Posted On: December 29, 2008

South Florida DUI Enforcement in Full Swing

The winter holiday season is one of good times and cheer. But drinking does not mix in with driving your car back home from that pub where you melted away your woes from the work day.

Troopers say winter is the most dangerous time of the year because more drivers hit the road after one, two, or even more drinks after holiday parties. This added together with more motorists traveling at all hours for gatherings, and the combo all too often leads to tragedy.

If you find yourself unable to drive home, call 800-AAA-HELP for a free tow and ride courtesy of AAA.

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Posted On: December 23, 2008

Florida Mortgage Fraud Convictions


The United States Attorney for South Florida announced mortgage fraud convictions of Vincent Artuso and John Artuso. Both were sentenced to 108 months of prison.

Restitution of $5,814,000.00 was ordered. Both were convicted of mortgage fraud and RICO as well as money laundering.

Many real estate professionals and mortgage brokers have been drawn into an ever widening prosecution by the Statewide Prosecutor of Florida and the United States Attorney for Southern Florida.

If you have been arrested, charged, or are the subject of an active investigation you need a south Florida criminal attorney who specializes in Federal and State criminal charges. Mortgage fraud defenses are a specialty of attorney Ralph Behr, with offices in Fort Lauderdale. Attorney Behr represents many accused of crimes in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Miami and all of South Florida. Call for a free consultation.

Posted On: December 5, 2008


Florida Federal Criminal Cases: Mortgage Fraud

The US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida convicted and sentenced Brian Albritton to tens years for mortgage fraud.

The allegations are that staring in 2004 he participated in a mortgage rescue operation for homeowners at risk of foreclosure. The allegations are a scheme to defraud through straw man transfers.

In South Florida the US Attorney and Fort Lauderdale (Broward) and Miami prosecutors are building mortgage fraud cases. South Florida criminal attorneys are learning how to defend these cases.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation seek an experienced South Florida criminal defense attorney for a consultation. Information is the best way to protect yourself. An experienced South Florida criminal attorney can advise you on mortgage fraud prosecutions and how they are handled by prosecutors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Posted On: December 4, 2008



Our friends at the US Supreme Court have taken a refreshing step towards the rule of law by pulling back out-of-control federal sentences.

The Supreme Court ruled that a federal appeals court cannot enhance a sentence unless asked to by the prosecutor. Although it seems wrong it is now a step in holding back re-sentencing by appeals court judges who did not sit on a trial.
Federal prosecutions are more likely to result in convictions and harsher sentences than in State courts. If you have been arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach call a South Florida criminal defense attorney. Attorney Behr offers free consultations.

Posted On: December 3, 2008



The DUI punishments in Florida have been increased. Starting October 2008 fines are doubled for first DUI convictions to $500. A maximum of $1000 fine can be imposed on a first DUI conviction in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, Broward, Miami and West Palm Beach.
In Florida a breath-alcohol reading of .15 now doubles or enhances punishments for DUI convictions.
If you have been arrested in South Florida on a DUI charge it is now more important than ever that you seek a good South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, criminal attorney. You can defend yourself when you know the law. Seek and obtain a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney and protect your rights!