Criminal Attorneys and Federal Court

Federal criminal defense attorneys in Florida appear before the federal district courts in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Federal criminal prosecutions require defense lawyers who are skilled in federal criminal practice, know the law and statues for federal crimes, have defended white collar crimes such as mortgage fraud, money laundering, cash transaction reporting statutes, wire fraud, federal drug trafficking and drug possession law, know the federal evidence code and federal criminal court rules. A Florida federal criminal lawyer, to be effective, should know federal criminal laws backward and forward: something that comes from years in federal criminal courts. Federal criminal lawyers learn their skills by appearing in federal criminal courts, defending those accused of federal crimes in Florida and out of Florida. [this article continues on page 2 ]

South Florida federal courts are among the most active in the United States, and Florida has produced some of the best federal criminal defense lawyers in our nation. Some appear on TV and others spend their days in federal courts defending those charged with crimes in federal court. Ask if the lawyer has a license to appear in Federal court in the Florida federal court district in which the indictment is being prosecuted. Ask if the lawyer has worked on a federal court committee (Behr has), is Board certified in criminal trial law in Florida (yes), has more than a good number of years as a South Florida criminal lawyer in Florida State and federal court (yes, since 1976 for Behr), has more than a few trials, is Supreme Court licensed (yes), and maybe even has a book on law to his/her credit (See CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? at But most importantly, can you understand him or her, does the lawyer communicate well? Do you feel they care, and can they do the work?

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