Violation of Probation in Florida

Probation is a sentence, not a condition of pre-trial release or bond. If you have been placed on probation by a Judge in Florida you need to read and understand the standard conditions of probation. The standard provisions of probation in Florida appear in Florida Statute 948. [Press HERE to go to the statute]. A violation of probation is a serious matter. Most probationers in Florida violate at one point in the term of their probation. If you are on probation and have any questions that are not answered clearly by your probation officer call

a South Florida Criminal lawyer. Violations of probation can result in a prison sentence (if your are on felony probation), and jail sentence (less than one year) if you are on Misdemeanor probation. Federal probation violations are similar, but the conditions and rules are not the same as the laws of Florida. If you are on probation from a federal court (anywhere in the US) you are controlled by Federal probation rules and conditions, which are often similar to Florida’s rules but vary in significant and important areas. If you have a question most criminal lawyers in South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm) are easy to reach by phone and most will give you a free consultation. Violations of Probation in Florida don’t always mean incarceration. Since the “recession” of recent (2007-2010) judges in Fort Lauderdale and Miami have reached deep into the law to find alternatives to jail for probation violations. Don’t let fear make things worse! Information is what you need. Call your Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer today, anyone of us, and get information that can help you avoid violating your probation due to mis-information or lack of information.

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