What are Miranda Warnings?

The landmark case known as Miranda is still controversial and may come under attack and review by the present United States Supreme Court. Several cases addressing the Miranda precedent are moving up to the United States Supreme Court, and our current Court has indicated that it is willing to reconsider Miranda and may change the law. The Miranda case stands as a beacon in the criminal law field; it is a light that underpins the perception of American justice as fair. If Miranda falls then so falls 50 years of American justice. It would be a grave misfortune for all Americans if Miranda is overturned. Why? Miranda is largely symbolic in the minds of Americans.. Miranda stands for the idea that the individual has the right to hold police accountable to follow the law. Prior to Miranda there was no remedy for police bullying. Prior to Miranda the constitutional rights Americans’ hold up as a light to the rest of the world had no real meaning. The fall of Miranda is more than just a step in the wrong direction it is and will be a step backwards where the individual has no effective way to make the State follow the constitution.

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