Although the courts remain largely in denial, the science of analyzing your breath for the presence of ethyl alcohol marches forward. With apologies for the corruption of some good Shakespearean verse: my breath flies up my machines below, machines without science should not to court go. You can start with this: breath analysis devices currently in use are accurate plus or minus .01 in their reported reading. With the legal limit in most states down to.08 that kind of error is significant: almost 15%. It is also fact that the blood level associated with impairment is based on 50+ year-old scientific experiments, which were limited to male subjects. I may be the first lawyer in the world, if not in Florida, to take a female DUI client to the Supreme Court on a charge of sexual bias. If you have a DUI matter contact your South Florida criminal defense attorney or my office for more information about the current legal status of challenges to the breathalyzer and Intoxilizer machines.

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