The Brandy Bunch in Federal Court

The friendly antics of the Brady Bunch family and TV land has nothing to do with the realities, the cold realities of criminal proseuctions in federal courts. In the public view federal courts are where our civil and constitutional rights are preserved. It is even more common for people to believe that federal court is where state court abuses are corrected. True a generation ago but not true today. Florida State criminal courts have championed fair trial rights, and left the federal courts in the dust, mingled in the dust of the lost souls who were convicted in federal criminal courts, in many cases wrongly. Florida criminal courts, Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach, give criminal defendants the right to see evidence that exonerates them. If you are arrested for drug trafficking, or any serious felony and come before a Florida criminal Court you have the right to compel the government to turn over to you evidence that might prove your innocence. Florida criminal courts find the legal basis for these rights in a federal case called Brady versus Maryland. In it a federal court ruled that defendants have the right to information that would aid in their defense, information in the possession of the state of Florida must be turned over. Any South Florida criminal defense attorney will tell you that in Florida criminal courts you will receive a discovery package in which the government turns over to you any information they have which might aid in your defense. In federal court the Brady case has been largely forgotten and ignored by the federal rules of criminal procedure. Ask your South Florida criminal defense attorney for more information about a defendant’s rights in Florida criminal courts

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