South Florida White Collar Crimes

With the economy tanking, those who took advantage of the situation are now feeling the heat. Anthony Dehaney, 57, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for concocting a $12 million mortgage fraud scheme that helped slide the Florida market and economy further downward than it already was. He pled guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

The criminal proceedings for the Jamaican national were in order and final in verdict. The defendant stated during trial that he started in 2002 by investing in real estate. Egged on by other mortgage professionals, he let the details slide on loan applications. Dehaney admitted to fudging mortgage loan applications on no less than 20 properties in Broward county from Jan 03 to Aug 06. Some lofty properties noted in the report were that of 3 different properties on 26th Street located in Wilton Manors and a Coral Springs home valued at $1.4 million.

US District Judge William Dimitrouleas viewed the sentencing as a “signal to others tempted to skirt the law ‘to make a quick easy buck’ .” Dehaney’s actions were only a drop in the pool of what has caused banks to lose millions.

This particular case has also been noted as one of the most severe in sentencing of any mortgage fraud case, even going over the prosecutor’s recommendation of a 5 year prison term.

The sentence–among the toughest to date in a mortgage fraud case–exceeds a prosecutor’s recommendation for a roughly five-year prison term. “As real estate prices escalated, things were moving so fast no one realized what they were doing,” he said. “Everyone was trying to make money.”

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