Florida Authorizes Force in Defending Yourself from Force

Have you ever been in a situation where self-defense was warranted? Harmful force to yourself may be met with equal force in defense, in most scenarios involving civilian to civilian confrontation. Self-defense is a defense commonly asserted by someone charged with a crime of violence, such as battery (striking someone), assault with a deadly weapon, or murder. The defendant admits that she did in fact commit the crime, but claims that it was justified by the other person’s threatening actions.

This means that you do not have to wait until you are struck the first blow in order to strike your own, in most cases. You must be VERY SURE that if you deliver force it will prevent the unavoidable injury of the aggressor’s deliberate and violent actions to your self.

In the State of Florida, if you are struck with a garden hose, you cannot use a firearm in self-defense. Yet if you are imminently about to be attacked with a knife or firearm by an aggressor or aggressors, you may use deadly force to prevent injury or death to your body.

There is no need to handle a court case alone in this situation. Self-defense is easily pleaded in court for the most part, yet requires the skillful nature of a determined lawyer to present your case in the most effective manner. Attorney Behr has such demeanor and knowledge of the law to bring your case to the judge and jury in the clearest method. Atty Behr’s Law Office is ready to answer your call today.

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