South Florida Defendants and Bond Reduction

So you have been arrested last night and the judge posted a bond that you cannot afford. What do you do next? Do you stay in jail? Yes you do, unless you hire an attorney to get you what is called a bond reduction hearing.
In South Florida and all of its jurisdictions such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach or Aventura your lawyer can file what is known as a motion to reduce bond. This means that you are asking the judge to set a bond reduction hearing if the initial bond is too high.
Reasonable bond is something you are entitled to, and it means that the bond is reasonable for you, not for an average defendant.
Your lawyer filed a motion to reduce bond and the judge set a bond reduction hearing, what happens next? At the bond reduction hearing, you have to convince the judge of four things.
1. That you are not a risk of flight
2. That you have sufficient ties to the community to assure your appearance in court
3. That you are not a danger to the community
4. That you do not present continuing danger to the victim.
Defendants only have one chance to reduce their bond.

If someone you know has been arrested and needs a bond reduction hearing, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call our offices to speak with attorney Ralph Behr at 954-761-3444.

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