South Florida Criminal Conviction of “Pain Clinic” Owner

The owner of an internet site which sold prescription pills online based in Miami was convicted in Miami of selling adulterated prescription meds. The South Florida criminal charges were filed by the Attorney General of Florida against Abel Rodriguez. Criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and Miami have seen both an increase in the number of so-called “Pill Mills” and an increase in criminal charges of trafficking. This recent conviction by the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor is one of many now threading through the criminal courts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
Several counts of conspiracy were also included in this prosecution and these alleged co-conspirators were included in the prosecution. The controlled substances involved were hydrocodone, alprazolam and phentermine: all controlled substances under Florida criminal statutes and all requiring a physician’s prescription.
South Florida criminal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and Miami count the number of such cases in the hundreds in South Florida Criminal courts, both Federal and State. Increasingly lawful providers are feeling the heavy handed sweep of the Attorney General’s Office in arresting and seeking convictions of doctors working in clinics and private offices throughout South Florida.
Prosecutors also use trafficking statutes when arresting those who obtain prescriptions for pain killers in South Florida and Palm Beach. Those arrested are often in possession of prescriptions from physicians and can only defend themselves by presenting their prescriptions to prosecutors after they are arrested and charged.

If you have been arrested in South Florida or arrested in Fort Lauderdale for charges arising from the possession of controlled substances, contact South Florida criminal defense attorney Ralph Behr. Mr. Behr has been in practice since 1976, practices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach County State and federal courts.

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