Out Of County Defendants and the Misdemeanor Drug Court Program

There is an alternative for defendants who reside out of the county to divert from the criminal system and have their cases transferred to drug court. The program is called the Day Reporting and Reentry Division (DRRD). There is a minimum of 6 months participation in the program which can also continue to one year.
There will be status hearings every months but the defendant’s presence is waived unless the judge mandates the defendant to appear in court. Not only there will be status hearings every month, but also there will be mandatory drug testing that need to be done at an approved lab within 48 hours of a phone call.
The defendant will be in constant contact with a community control supervision specialist. The drug tests results will need to be sent to that specialist by email or fax and the defendant is required to report every week by phone or email.
A 12-hour Lifestyle Education Class and Comprehensive Bio-psychosocial Assessment must be completed and the defendant must attend NA/AA meetings and provide proof of attendant on a monthly basis.
Every requirement can be met wherever the defendant resides.

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