If Bitcoin is the Solution, What is the Problem?

Tired of waiting for MasterCard to deposit your money into your bank account? How about sending money to your child at school, or buying something online? BITCOIN is the solution: instant, at the speed of a computer stroke, transactions…and it gets better…

Like Gold, which goes up and down, BITCOINs go up and down. Most of us don’t trade Euros and Dollars but we can trade BITCOINS. Here how it works: My employer pays me my monthly salary by sending me a part of a BITCOIN to my computer: I in turn use a small part of the BITCOIN to make my car payment and my rent. The holder of my car loan got “paid” in a millisecond, so did my Landlord and now…. its off to the races because he, me, you, all of us are now BITCOIN owners and can negotiate the prices of everything we buy in BITCOIN pieces. I look on my computer and see that BITCOIN has gone “UP” so I can now keep more of my BITCOIN piece when I make my rent, car, food, and etc. payments. See the beauty? Feel the magic? We can now all increase our purchasing power by paying in BITCOIN.

WHOA!!! What happens when BITCOIN goes down? Here is the beauty of this whole thing, we can wait, hold our BITCOIN and pay our bills with dollars, which don’t go up and down.

Imagine if there was a finite amount of GOLD on the planet and all the world’s currencies were set back to a gold standard. That is what BITCOIN has done: it has set a floor on the number of BITCOINS in existence and set them out there for us to use instead of currencies.

The major opponents of BITCOIN are bankers, governments, large currency based businesses (MasterCard, Visa, etc.). The major boosters of BITCOIN is everyone else on the planet, including this country lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who parks at the Broward County courthouse and pays $8.00 an hour to park his car…in dollars. Hey! Wanna pay for parking in BITCOIN? YEP!!!

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