Domestic Violence: Solving Society’s Problems or Court Sponsored Male Bashing?

Fort Lauderdale and Miami criminal courts all have special criminal court divisions dedicated solely to prosecuting cases of domestic violence. Florida criminal law defines domestic violence as any assault, battery, sexual assault or stalking, kidnapping, or false imprisonment committed on a “family or household member”….or anyone you’re dating, (or dated in the past year) lived with (even if over a year in your past), married to or related to up to the third consequinity. That covers a lot of people. The legislature chimed in with some extra long sentences and a whole bunch of rules that make pre-trial release or bail almost beyond reach. If the charge involves domestic abuse or violence then you are going to be held hard in jail before the case even gets to a judge. Wrong? Unfair? Over the top? Maybe yes, but it’s the law. And why? Well because your legislature is very sensitive to voters who are vocal, and promoters of domestic violence issues holler loud and shrill when pitching legislators for harsher and harder rules that deny bond and inflict longer prison terms for domestic violence, and dating offenses. What to do? Don‘t marry, don’t date, disavow and disown your family (including aunts and nephews), live alone and avoid contact with human beings. A better answer: don’t touch, don’t strike, don’t hit. If there is a problem open the door and leave.

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