A Drug Arrest in Florida Doesn’t Have to Give You A Felony Record

Since the Florida Legislature created the Drug Court Diversion program, many South Florida criminal courts have created “Drug Courts”. Here is how it works: If you have been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, or possession of marijuana (Cannabis) or oxycodone, or other drugs (controlled substances) you can avoid a conviction by requesting Drug Court. Admission in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami criminal courts is only by request, so make sure your South Florida Criminal Lawyer knows how to get you into Drug Court. Fort example, some lawyers file Discovery Demands immediately: this blocks you from Drug Court. Have you Florida criminal lawyer file the motion to transfer your drug arrest from felony court to drug court. If you have no prior felony convictions, and no gun or weapons convictions, you can get into drug court. After the one year program your case is nolle prossed. That means you will have no felony record. In Florida a felony conviction means you cannot vote, cannot own a gun, and have to report to the Sherriff when you move. Drug court is a once-in-a-lifetime option and a true gift. Ask your Florida criminal defense lawyer to explain the drug court option.

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