Posted On: November 13, 2012

Say No To The Police

SAY NO TO POLICE iPad/iPhone/Android app
iTunes retail price $0.99

What is it?
A Criminal Law info-app..... One and two paragraph answers to 100 ‘hot’ legal questions

- Is it a crime to refuse to give information to the police?
- Is a "Mall cop" a real cop?
- Can I get a DUI on a bicycle?
- Should I”blow” if I'm stopped for a DUI ?
- Can the police search my car at a traffic stop?
- What is entrapment?

Fun and easy-to-read

What is similar out there?
NOLO has a similar book........wordy…...lawyerly........621 pages

Where did it come from?
It is the e-book edition of CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? 2008

Why is it important?
- 14,094,186 Americans were arrested last year
- 30,000,000 Americans had police contact
- 50,000,000 traffic citations were issued to Ameicans
- Appeals to 18-28 demographics.
- Practical and useful