Wikileaks Weveals Wongdoers

With apologies to Elmer Fudd and Disney we headline the news that Wikileaks founder Julian Asange announced on January 17th, 2011 that a former executive at a major Swiss Bank had turned over a computer disc containing 2000 names of prominent individuals who, allegedly, engaged in tax evasion through offshore banking. Money-laundering and other white-collar crimes, a specialty of the writer, usually involves wire fraud, money laundering, or tax avoidance. Money-laundering crimes involved the failure to disclose the source of funds or attempts to obscure the source of funds deposited into the US banking system. Rudolf Elmer, the former executive for the Swiss Bank reportedly ran a major Swiss Bank’s operations in the Caribbean until his discharge in 2002. Initial reports indicate that names have not been revealed. However Wikileaks indicated that it will name names at a future date. Many of these white-collar crimes will be prosecuted in South Florida federal district courts where attorney Ralph Behr practices. South Florida criminal defense attorneys see many federal money laundering and wire fraud cases in our federal district courts. Stay tuned for further news as this story breaks.

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