White Lite? Federal Judge Gives “light” Sentence to While Collar Criminal

Thinking of adding your name to the growing list of white collar criminals with your own brand of Ponzi? Here’s some advice: New York’s federal courts are sympathetic to late lifers who commit white collar crimes. New York Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein gave a nine year prison term to sixty year old Edward T. Stein who defrauded his investors out of $46,000.000.00, yes… 46 million…a trifle for our local boy Mr. Rothstein. So open a hedge fund with your social security check and go at it! Federal criminal defense attorneys, like me, are anxious to file change of venue motions to move our federal white collar criminal cases to Brooklyn Federal Court for a more ‘sympathetic’ judge. Our South Florida federal criminal judges give out longer sentences. Maybe this will cause a reverse tide of scammers….imagine Mr. Rothstein’s New York branch? So round up your hedge fund white collar scammers, call your “client”-victims and move North! Yahoooooo!

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