White Collar Florida Crime Goes to Federal Courts

Huey Granderson of Millersport, Ohio was charged with three counts related to an insurance fraud ring which involved real estate. Granderson was the ringleader of this group that committed theft in upwards of $5 million from companies in the area. He pled guilty to partaking in corrupt activities, theft and failure to file an income tax return; all have been deemed felonies. According to his plea agreement, the other 14 dropped were lifted from his case. Granderson is set for sentencing at a later date although he can face up to 19 years in prison and a hefty fine.

White collar crime can be committed by a number of individuals, generally those with images like accountants, lawyers, doctors, business executives, stock brokers, and bankers. Real estate fraud comes under the grouping of white collar crimes. Penalties for a white collar crime conviction, as displayed in Granderson’s instance, can include criminal forfeiture, payment of fines, supervised release, restitution, and imprisonment.

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