What’s the Difference Between a Police Interview and a Police Interrogation?

In one word: everything.

An interview is a fact gathering contact. An interrogation is what the police do when you are a suspect and the purpose is to get an incriminating statement that can be used to convict you.

If you are talking to the police ask: is this an inteview or an interrogation?

Every first year police cadet knows the difference. If the officer doesn’t give you a clear answer STOP and ask for a lawyer.

The police know how to end run around your Miranda rights, it is done by setting you up for a “voluntary” statement, which is not the product of a police interrogation.

Your Miranda rights only apply when you are under arrest.

A “stop” and a “detention” come before an arrest. Remember; your Miranda rights only apply when you are in police custody under arrest. Confusing? You bet it is.

The best thing to do is ask for a lawyer whenever you are being asked questions by the police. Don’t try to charm a police officer out of an arrest, it cannot be done..

Ask a Florida criminal defense attorney for an explanation, go to CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? for more information.

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