What Does Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records Do?

Sealing and expunging criminal records is available in Florida. Florida has a method of sealing end expunging criminal records: your South Florida criminal attorney can explain the statute. Sealed records exist but cannot be viewed without a court order. An expunged record is as close to a legal deletion as can be obtained. Many people after the economic hardships which began in 2007 have paid fees and incurred the expenses of sealing and expunging criminal records in the hope that it will help them find a job. Seek a consultation with a Florida criminal lawyer before you begin what is a lengthy, expensive process which may delay your entry into the job market. Ask questions like: “What legal effect does a sealing or expungment have?”, “Can an employer find out about my history?” “What is the difference between a sealing, expungment, and what is the difference between a criminal history and a criminal record?” Since the advent of the internet much personal information is available online and is sold and re-sold by companies that, for a fee, will sell you background information about anyone. If your purpose in seeking a sealing or expungement of your criminal record in Florida is to make it “go away”…understand that nothing ever goes away once it is published on the internet. Call any South Florida criminal defense lawyer and invest the time before you spend your money.

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