Violation of Probation in Fort Lauderdale


If you are under a sentence of probation or community control beware. Fewer than one in three succeed without a violation.

The most common violation of probation is a failure to check-in, after that comes moving without notice, and then “dirty urine” if you are on drug offender probation.

Failure to pay costs of supervison are more common, but most of the Judges in Fort Lauderdale will not sign a violation of probation warrant unless the failure to pay is willful: that means you have the money but refuse to pay.

Rule One: Call a lawyer. Contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer BEFORE, not after. Your South Florida criminal defense lawyer can get you a hearing before your judge and avoid the probation violation by obtaining a modification of probation terms.

Prevention is the best way to avoid a violation of probation warrant. Call a south Florida or Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer and get a consultation. Call Ralph Behr at 954-761-3444 for a no-fee consultation 24/7. Out of State: call 1-800-761-3446. Call Now, the call is free, the peace of mind is priceless.

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