The Future of Crime Fighting Is In Your Hands

Criminals who recklessly endanger your safety have been and will most likely always be out in our society. Many citizens speculate that the threat will only increase in these upcoming times of financial hardship and rising stress. There will be massive budget cuts in education, juvenile justice, drug programs, prosecutor’s offices and courts. In turn, robberies, drug dealing, and various violent crimes might escalate and will impact you and your family. Should you protect yourself from the physical harm of another individual acting illegally, you should have a lawyer to protect your self-defense interests.

Out of Orlando, reports have it that an average of 14 shots fired calls are sent in daily to local police departments. Police are out manned and outgunned to simply go after every call and perpetrator in a timely and effective manner. Citizens have been taking their mortal safety into their own hands by carry of concealed weapons or placing them in their vehicles should they ever need them.

Last month the Orlando Sentinel had a story detailing how the state’s “10-20-Life” sentencing provisions are nothing more than a farcical slogan. In a four-year period, only 5 percent of the 7,437 gun suspects arrested in Orange on gun charges received a mandatory sentence.

If you are in a self-defense situation, do not answer the many questions that police will use to incriminate you or build a false case against you. Just say you want to speak with your lawyer. Mr. Behr can be your lawyer in your time of need.

Attorney Ralph Behr is ready to answer any questions you have regarding firearms law, Castle doctrine, or any self-defense statutes in Florida. If you ever need a lawyer in the unfortunate time of having to use your firearm to protect your life or loved ones, keep Mr. Behr’s phone number in your cellphone for 24/7/365 use. 954-761-3444

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