South Florida Woman Mixed Poison in Baby Food

Very distressing and repugnant news out of Tamarac… a 50 year old South Florida woman, Shirley Ybarra, was arrested and charged with poisoning food or water and violation of probation. She was caught by supermarket employees after having nearly 15 minutes of uninterrupted mixing time in the baby food section of Publix. A customer finally notified an employee before that employee intervened and called the police. Her first comment was “she was mixing baby food for her son” but she doesn’t have a baby son, but instead a 21 year old son who lives outside the area. In response to this, all baby food was taken off the shelves and sent to the FDA for testing. Reports say no other stores were targeted by this sick and sadistic woman.

Two charges emerged from this one case. First a violation of probation and second, a first degree felony charge of poisoning food or water. Violation of probation is a common offense among people charged and convicted of certain crimes and can be dealt with accordingly and quickly by a lawyer who you entrust with your case.

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