The app ‘SAY NO TO POLICE’ is anticipated to be a big seller at the iTunes Store. The app is an electronic adaptation of the book CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME. The app takes the book into the 21st century by using the functions of an e-book to make using it as fast as greased lightning. Or as a reviewer said “Faster than a Texas Pastor in a burning church”. 30 years of hearing the same questions from over 10,000 clients, attorney Behr has assembled them and answered them in easy-to-read one paragraph responses. Laws should be understandable. Everyone needs to know what is okay and what is wrong. Lawyers, Judges and Legislatures have done a job on the law by examining rules and dissecting laws until they are jelly-like and confused. This app hits nails on the head and gives you useable answers to the most asked questions. Try it; keep it on your iPhone or iPad.

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