Probation Violations in Fort Lauderdale Criminal Courts

Violations of probation and violations of community control result in a violation of probation warrant being issued by the circuit or county court judge who handled your case. In Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, a probation officer who is handling the case will submit a request for a violation of probation warrant to the judge, here in Fort Lauderdale, or in West Palm Beach. The judge will review the warrant request for legal sufficiency: the standard is the violation must rise to be considered both a substantial and willful violation of probation. The most common violation of probation warrants we see here in South Florida are failure to report, leaving Florida without permission, relocating to another state and not transferring probation supervision, and failure to pay full restitution or cost of supervision. Once the violation of probation warrant is issued it is available to law enforcement throughout the United States. Most often probation violations arising from Pompano Beach, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and other arrests in Broward County result in the person being detained and held for extradition. If you were placed in probation or community control in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach and may be in violation the first thing to do is contact a South Florida criminal defense lawyer and have them contact the probation officer and inquire as to the existence of a violation of probation warrant. My office gets 5 to 8 calls per week and I am very pleased to help you sort out your situation and discuss your legal options. The call is a ‘free consultation’ and I, and most South Florida criminal defense lawyers, are willing to assist you in finding out about your current status. Call and start the process of dealing with an open probation or community control warrant.

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