New Marijuana Bill Introduced in Florida

Cathy Jordan, who is the president of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, was surprised by cops in her home where they seized the marijuana plants she had.
What the cops who raided her house didn’t know is that Cathy Jordan has Lou Gehrig’s disease, and she needs to use marijuana as part of her treatment. Innocent people all over the country has been introduced into the criminal system and are being treated as such, only because they are carrying marijuana to relief them from pain and suffering of certain diseases. Different states have being arguing and debating over the use of medical marijuana and State Sen. Jeff Clemens decided to change things for the “Sunshine State”.
Jeff Clemens passed the bill S.B. 1250, also called “the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act”. The Cathy Jordan’s bill now permits certain people to possess marijuana for medical use. It is of course limited to patients with certain medical conditions and there are limited amounts that are allowed. A patient can posses up to four ounces and grow up to eight marijuana plants. 70% of Florida voters agreed with the new marijuana law.

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