Knowing The Law SHOULD Be Required, Especially in Florida

A prominent South Florida defense lawyer and fellow classmate of mine from the good old days of law school at Hofstra, Norm Kent, posted a write-up on a book I recently published, Can The Police Lie To Me?, regarding laws in an easy-to-read format. I just would like to thank Norm for the free advertisement and would also like to point how the ‘non-lawyer’ person should have some method of obtaining information regarding the law as it is pertinent to them.

Did you know that the police can search you on the basis of someone’s lie? This is true, BUT anything found under the search can be thrown out under the following tests: basis of the informant’s knowledge, veracity, credibility, reliability, and totality of the circumstances.

Don’t be intimidated by anyone and especially the police, if you are a legal citizen in your actions. The book also has many other important pieces of information that you might be interested in learning.

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