It’s Murder in Florida, but Better than Texas!

Shakespeare wrote Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

He never lived in Texas, or Florida for that matter.

Texas has executed 405 convicted murderers since 1976. Florida ranked number five in the US with a total of 64 executions. Utah ranked 20 with six.

Texas also boasts 34 DNA-based exonerations.

Do the math and you’ll find the Texas execution rate has a higher probability of error than a Quija board.

The message is…

Add your voice to those who insist courts and judges in Florida do a better job. That means treating the judicial process like any consumer product: improve it. Insist on better quality trials to reduce the error kill rate.

Florida felony court circuit judges in Broward County, sitting in Fort Lauderdale, preside over more murder trials than are held in most states. Fort Lauderdale has a great number of “Death Qualified” capital homicide attorneys.

Criminal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and Miami can tell you that prosecutors act too much like cartoonish government workers: get through the work, no accountability no tolerance for criticism, just finaility..that’s good enough. It isn’t.

Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Ralph Behr is one of the several criminal attorneys who are licensed by the Florida Supreme Court as “Death Qualified” for capital homicide trials.

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