Infamous Florida Child Predator Dies in Prison

John Couey, 51, died in prison according to a Florida Department of Corrections spokesman. He had been on death row for four years in the murder, abduction, and rape of Jessica Lunsford age 9. Couey had been ill for some time, according to prison officials. The murder of Jessica Lunsford was quite graphic and disturbing, even to some court officials and officers. She was lured to his trailor from her own, raped, and when he thought he was going to be caught, buried her alive in garbage bags which would suffocate her. Couey explicitly told all the events to police including every gory detail while saying in a nonchalant manner to the press “this kind of thing happens every day.” “To me, death is sad,” stated Jessica’s father, Mark Lunsford. “But her death, Jessie’s death, has been redeemed … I’m relieved. I’m glad it’s over with.”

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