How to Handle a Violation of Probation


Probation and Community Control are sentences, not pre-trial release; and sentences must be followed.

If you fail to follow any condition of probation, the probation officer will report to his supervisor. If the violation is willful and substantial then a request for a pick up order (warrant) is sent to a judge.

If the judge signs the request it becomes a warrant.

In Broward, Fort Lauderdale, by local order; anyone arrested on a violation of probation warrant waits ten days in the Fort Lauderdale jail before being brought up before a judge.

The first apperance is a first violation of probation hearing. At that hearing one admits or denies the allegations. If admitted the judge can do one of three things:
1. Return you to probation
2. Modify or add new conditions or increase the length of the probation or community control or
3. Send the violator to prison for any term of years within the sentencing or punishment code guidelines.
If you have a concern call a south Florida criminal defense attorney. Not all violations result in prison, some can be modified, some call be dismissed.

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