How Do I Get Information About Florida Criminal Law?

If you have a need to know and understand Florida’s criminal laws here is the best way to start: go the Florida’s Jury Instructions and read the jury instruction for the Florida criminal law you are interested in learning about. That’s where I start and I’ve been a criminal lawyer since 1976! Here’s why: Juries don’t read statutes, judges don’t read statutes to juries. Only lawyers read law, so skip the law and go to the jury instructions. After the trial the judge doesn’t explain the law, he reads the jury instructions. Jurors base their decisions on their understanding of the jury instructions. So what does a statute mean? It’s anyone’s guess, and it often is just that: something lawyers and judge’s wrestle with in motions and hearings. But when the tire meets the road and a criminal defendant is on trial the only law that matters is what the jury hears, and the judge just reads them the jury instructions. Florida criminal jury instructions can be found on the website of the Florida Supreme Court, or just Google it! Once you’ve read them then call me for a consultation. Start with a little basic research and you’ll get better results from your Florida criminal lawyer. Be informed, it’s your best defense! Knowledge is power.

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