Haitian Immigration Woes In South Florida

Over the summer of 2008, Haiti was hit hard by four consecutive hurricanes and tropical storms almost immediately after experiencing multiple food riots. Displaced by the storms were thousands of people, many were left starving. With no help from distant humanitarian aid, the future looks more bleak than ever.

Though recovery efforts have slowly commenced, much of Haiti remains in a state of destruction. 40,000 people are in make-shift shelters, and severe proper food sustenance issues have risen. Yet deportation levels are on the rise, according to national statistics.

Following the destruction of the inclement weather over Haiti, deportation flights of Haitian nationals had been suspended following serious concern from immigration advocates and political party offices. While the following sudden resumption of deportations is not a positive sign, the way in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) went about implementing this change is cause for controversy.

The decision to resume flights was not relayed to all party offices as quickly and effectively as warranted. ICE has failed to deliver an adequate explanation as to what prompted this sudden change in policy and who was responsible for the ultimate decision.

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