Fort Lauderdale Vandalism Stirs Up Local Community


Residents of a quiet community in the area were disturbed by graffiti found on the white wall separating Shady Banks from Davie Road and I-95. ”It’s a big surprise,” said Paul DaCosta, 56, who has lived on the street for the past 36 years. “What was written is really offensive.”

Swastikas and various slurs against police were found painted in bright orange. Phrases like “No police state” and “Cops kill” were found scattered on the wall in this small dead-end road. ”I can’t imagine it being a real hate crime,” said Blake Plyler, 25, who moved into the neighborhood last May. Plyler did find the messages “troubling” but hasn’t seen gang activity in the area since he moved in.

Neighbors in the community said they have never seen something like this before and equated it to a threat on the homeowners. ”That’s what got everybody up in arms,” said Flak, 42, who called police after seeing the orange scribbling when retrieving something from his car.

Always be vigilant and on the look out for suspicious behavior in your community. Should you see anything out of the ordinary, do not intervene or confront the individuals and notify law enforcement immediately.

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