Fort Lauderdale Robbery Attempt Ends In Knife Injuries

Philip Danforth, 32, is in stable condition at Broward General Medical Center following an attempted robbery at knifepoint. He tried to escape two men approximately 30 years old at around 7:50 am last Tuesday. The robbery attempt took place in the 900 block of NE 16th Avenue in our very own backyard, Fort Lauderdale. No suspects have been apprehended, but if anyone has tips for police to follow they should call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

This is a horrific incident where a deadly weapon was used to gain leverage on an innocent citizen and steal their property. Knifes, guns, and other deadly weapons should be properly stored if you own them. The use of them in any robbery attempt increases penalties from minor felonies to major felonies. Armed robbery and armed battery in Florida are serious offenses and will be prosecuted usually to the fullest extent of the law in your area. Do not play around with a public defender on these sort of cases because you will get a hefty time in sentencing.

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