Fort Lauderdale Federal Judge Sentences Mortgage Broker to Six Years

Local criminal lawyer Ralph Behr represents several mortgage brokers accused of fraud and related crimes in South Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderale. But not the one sentenced by a local Federal Judge. Sadly Mr. Villaba, who pled guilty, was sentenced to six years and a heavy send off from the local federal prosecutor.

Fraud, wire fraud, theft, conspiracy and various bank fraud statutes are the prosecutors tools for prosecuting mortgage fraud cases. The defenses are manifold and quite complex, so most of these cases should go to trial where a jury can weigh the legal complexities.

The federal prosecutors and statewide prosecutors in South Florida are in the process of filing additional cases. Be on the lookout for more news.

South Florida criminal defense attorney Ralph Behr has issued a press release outlining the defenses and defense methods: local South Florida criminal lawyers can obtain a copy from attorney Behr’s law office in Fort Lauderdale.

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