Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Trials on the Rise

Domestic violence, murder, and Florida criminal law

In a domestic violence case that will have a significant effect in South Florida the US Supreme Court ruled that introduction of the victim’s calls to the police cannot be introduced in a domestic violence criminal trial.

In the case of Giles v. California a prosecutor introduced reports of prior threats against the victim. The Supreme Court ruled the reports alone, without the right to cross-examine, violate the confrontation clause.

Domestic violence, battery, and date rape crimes, are an increasing focus of aggressive prosecutors in Florida. In fact, in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, criminal trials for these charges are so much a focus of prosecutors that special trial divisions have been created in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Domestic violence, and battery cases require a specialized knowledge for criminal trial lawyers to be effective. In South Florida many lawyers specializing in criminal trials and criminal defense have extensive trial experience in domestic violence cases.

If you or a loved one has been charged with battery, or domestic violence, call for a consultation with a criminal defense attorney experienced in that area of law. Local criminal defense attorney Ralph Behr is available to you for a free consultation. Attorney Behr has been practicing criminal law and criminal defense since 1976 and is available for telephone consultations.

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