Florida Rape Incident Leads to Criminals Turning Selves In


Two rapists have turned themselves in to authorities after perpetrating their recent crime on an 11 year old. Authorities say the two confessed to the crime conducted on the Florida girl as she was on her way to school. She was held at knifepoint then pulled into a car being driven by the two individuals. Then she was taken several blocks away to a vacant house where she was raped. Police received a tip on the phone lines later that day confirming DNA that was found on the victim. Orange County Sheriff’s Office are giving Richard Morales-Marin, 23, and Juan Hernandez Monzalvo, 24, charges of kidnapping and rape.

Sex crimes damage the community at large, not just individuals. People get hurt in the process and there is little offer of forgiveness to the criminals who commit such crimes. This incident is just one of many that continue to happen when sexual offenders are in the vicinity of schools and playgrounds that hold their potential prey. Be watchful of your children and make sure they don’t walk alone to school or talk to strangers without adults they know around.

Attorney Ralph Behr understands how sensitive these cases may be, when the defendant rightfully believes that they are not a rapist but have been wrongly accused. Do not let prosecutors or police get in your head and make you confess to things you haven’t done. Call your lawyer now and get the ball back in their court. Mr. Behr has handled many sex abuse cases ranging from public urination to rape. Do not wait one more day, call his law offices in Fort Lauderdale right now.

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