Florida Prisons Get Playing Cards

Now those convicted of crimes in Florida and serving time in prison can prepare for work in casinos while completing their sentences.

Florida convicted inmates received gift packs of playing cards from the West Palm Beach Police.

The cards will soon be given to every prisoner in custody serving sentences with the Florida Department of Corrections.

The playing cards have information, photographs and criminal information concerning closed and unsolved criminal cases.

Blackjack anyone in cellblock C?

The West Palm Beach police department dedicated time over the past six months searching through old cases and tracking down photos from closed cases.

The playing cards contain pictures of victims and information about the crime.

Cold cases in South Florida, with an emphasis on homicides in West Palm Beach dating back to January of 2000 are on the playing cards.

South Florida, Palm Beach, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale and Miami have a large number of inmates serving in prison. If anyone has information from the cards they can contact a criminal defense attorney in any Florida city or town and ask for a sentence modification.

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