Florida Man Kills Cheerleader and Faces Death Penalty

Eric Rodriguez, 23, will be looking at the death penalty in his trial involving the murder of a 17 year old cheerleader in Bartow, FL. Rodriguez was one of three men who pleaded guilty to luring the girl, Angelia Headrick, into an apartment early in 2007. They men robbed her of money and drugs which she was possessing, and then killed her. Another man in the accused group accepted a deal giving him 15 years in prison due to testimony he gave in court. The third man was not been in trial for the murder yet.

First-degree murder must contain the following two elements:

1. The killing of another human being is premeditated and intentional.

2. A homicide is also a First-degree murder when one person kills another in the act of perpetrating, or in the attempt the perpetrate serious felonies that include the following Arson, Burglary, Robbery, Home-Invasion Robbery, Killing of Another Human Being, Carjacking, Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping, Escape, Aircraft Piracy, Aggravated Child Abuse, Aggravated Stalking, Unlawful Throwing, Placing or Discharging of a Destructive Device such as a Bomb, Resisting an Officer with Violence to His Person, Terrorism.

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